The Acousonde™ (pronounced ACK-ooo-sawnd) is a miniature, self-contained, autonomous acoustic/ultrasonic recorder designed for underwater applications. The Acousonde incorporates hydrophones as well as depth, attitude and orientation sensors, digital recording electronics, data storage, and a field-replaceable battery in a single sealed unit. Applications include:

  • Acoustic/behavioral recording tags for marine wildlife
  • Highly portable acoustic field recorders
  • Autonomous seafloor sound monitors
  • Long-baseline acoustic arrays
  • Vessel-signature investigations
  • Acoustic and attitude/orientation recorders for underwater vehicles
  • Temporary attitude/orientation monitors for towed cables

The Acousonde replaces the Bioacoustic Probe, which was discontinued in 2007. Highlights of the design changes can be found in the Frequently-Asked Technical Questions section. Specifications can be found in the PDF brochure located in the Downloads section.

The Acousonde is made by Acoustimetrics, a brand of Greeneridge Sciences, Inc. Development of the Acousonde was made possible by the United States Office of Naval Research.

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